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PPI Advanced Financial Maths Skills Test and Assessment

This is the U.K. Financial Maths test as customised by Field Recruitment Ltd for use with PPI recruitment.

Field Recruitment offer over 800 online test and assessments aimed at allowing you to test and verify a candidate's skill, knowledge and understanding in PPI Advanced Financial Maths along with identifying the skills gaps and training needs of your existing employees. The on-line PPI Advanced Financial Maths test is quick and easy to distribute and can be undertaken anywhere as it is internet-based and results will be e-mailed to you within minutes of the candidate completing the test.

If you wish to purchase this test to assess your candidates for a job, please login into your employer account and first select the job and then candidates for the job.

To request a demonstration of PPI Advanced Financial Maths or you which to purchase this service for a job which you are not recruiting for through the Field Recruitment website, please call us on 01793 640204 or submit an enquiry.


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