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Internship: Executive Assistant

Date Posted: 12-Apr-2018
Closing Date: 31-May-2018
Location: London
Salary: Minimum - £7.00, Maximum - £8.00 per Hour
Company Background
Ketosource develops and delivers solutions combining products, services and technology that leverage the benefits of ketone metabolism to improve the quality of lives.

We differentiate ourselves from others in the market with in-depth knowledge, research and data-driven methods to designing foods, supplements and services that deliver end functional results.

Ketosource is cutting through the history of unrealistic claims and promises made in the health and wellness area. We have a commitment to complete transparency and verification of the end functional impact of our products and services via data and research.

We are a community of people driven by integrity, objectivity and a passion for the truth - we believe these values will enable us to deliver superior results over the long term to our customers.
Position Summary
Ketosource is looking for an intern to work in an Executive Assistant position.

Your goals for the position will be to:
Support the CEO and other Ketosource team members with the day to day running of the office
Support customers and make sure they are happy/ get what they need from us
Execute a wide variety of research and administrative tasks for the company

Role Activities & Responsibilities
Dealing with inbound company communications (Phone, email) and being the front office of the company
Support customers and make sure they are happy/ get what they need from us
Deal with the day to day running of the office
Execute a wide variety of administrative tasks for the company (including book-keeping, samples reception and posting, filing etc.)
Look after and build up the social media accounts of the company (instagram, twitter, facebook)
Formatting and tidying up of company documents and the website
Research projects involving the use of google docs (spreadsheets, documents)

Experience/ Education
The most important attributes are your soft skills and your ability to learn on the job
You should be able to use google docs (spreadsheets, docs, slides) proficiently (or Microsoft Office applications) and other desk and cloud based applications
Good and professional communicator
Professional and reliable attitude/ ability to get things done proactively
Asks questions whenever isn’t sure about a task or project

Professional Traits Necessary for All Ketosource Team Members
We are looking for people who are passionate about the potential of ketone metabolism to make a difference - whether it’s via the ketogenic diet, fasting or other ketone tools.

Importantly we are looking for people who also:

Are “ALL-IN” – working at Ketosource requires a high ownership mentality, and is a place where you own the goals and the outcomes.
Want to Operate in a True Meritocracy – where the best ideas, decisions and results win out, and where responsibilities are given consistent with people’s abilities and strengths (versus based on other considerations such as tenure).
Are Able to Work with “Transparency” – In other words, a place where you don’t filter what you say. Information, plans, ideas are shared openly with everyone within the company so that people learn from each other and build on each others insights to find the best answers and solutions for the team (Ketosource).
Want to Work with a High Degree of Integrity – You are driven to contribute to true results for clients and customers, to finding the truth of any problem or solution (no matter if it’s not what we would’ve liked) and to contribute to the team’s evolution.
Realize that Humility and Open-Mindedness are Required – Ketosource is a place where people’s egos have to be set aside. e.g., we are all responsible for coming up with the best answers and it’s not about “being right” because no single person (including the CEO!) knows everything and everyone makes mistakes.
Have Relentlessly High Standards – and are constantly looking for ways to make things better, get better answers, because you know that this will enable the Ketosource team to make a bigger and more worthwhile difference in the world.
Realize that it is Difficult to Operate in this Type of Environment – but who ultimately value the personal growth, meaningful work and meaningful relationships that come from operating in this way.
Are Data-Driven and Analytical Thinkers – Ketosource is a fact-driven company which often looks to data collection and analysis to find the best answers to the challenges it faces - whether it being helping clients achieve their goals, or any other challenge.



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