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Date Posted: 07-Apr-2018
Closing Date: 07-Jul-2018
Location: Nepal or Iran, London
Salary: Minimum - N/A, Maximum - N/A per Week
UNPeople is a global campaign which aims to promote global justice and cosmopolitan democracy. In brief “All human rights for all.” The main purpose of UNPeople can be summarized as an awareness campaign and capacity building program for the development of a democratic culture among the world’s citizens. It also promotes the idea of democratization of inter-governmental organizations, specifically the United Nations. To reach our vision, we teach global citizens about their human rights, the importance of democracy at a global level, the troublesome nature of social injustice, how the world works and how they can participate in the community at a range of levels, from the local to the global. The core activity of the campaign is an English Linking and Learning program named WiGo and is designed to teach the English language to participants on one hand and inform them about “what is going on” (WiGo) on the other hand. In United People we believe that solution lies in knowledge and solidarity which both are being pursued by our network throughout the world.
Learning is the driving force behind our Voluntourist program. Voluntourists embark on a cultural journey where they are immersed in the local realities of our communities. Voluntourists assist in tasks mostly in teaching although they quickly find out that there is a lot they can learn in return. The most important aspect of a Voluntourist’s work is to build up the confidence of the participants in WiGo Program – that the universal, healing outgrowths of love are enough to triumph over the debilitating effects of poverty.

This opportunity allows for a wealth of personal and professional skills to be gained. These skills include, but are in no ways limited to, cultural intelligence and intercultural communications. Voluntourists work in teams characterized by workforce diversity and they often operate in highly contextual work environments. They learn to think, react and adapt quickly to new cultural knowledge and unfamiliar situations.

How to apply?

The application process is simple and easy. All you need is to send us your CV to

For the subject of your email please write “voluntourist program” so we can answer, in proper time.

Important Note

In the body of your email kindly mention your arrival-departure date and a center that you are going to visit as a voluntourist. Currently, United People accept voluntourists to its centers at Iran and Nepal.

Cost: The cost for our voluntourist program based on a weekly fee for Voluntourists is USD 230; the weekly fee for married couples is USD 300. The weekly fee for children under 16 coming with their families is USD 120. The weekly fees for individuals are to cover the costs of their accommodation and food during their stay.

Must apply at least: 2 weeks before arriving

Minimum stay: 2 weeks minimum

Minimum age: 18 years old (except for children accompanied by parents, in which case the minimum age is 5 years old).


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