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Internship Program

Date Posted: 07-Apr-2018
Closing Date: 07-Jul-2018
Location: This role is based in Iran, London
Salary: Minimum - N/A, Maximum - N/A per Month
UNPeople is a global campaign which aims to promote global justice and cosmopolitan democracy. In brief “All human rights for all.” The main purpose of UNPeople can be summarized as an awareness campaign and capacity building program for the development of a democratic culture among the world’s citizens. It also promotes the idea of democratization of inter-governmental organizations, specifically the United Nations. To reach our vision, we teach global citizens about their human rights, the importance of democracy at a global level, the troublesome nature of social injustice, how the world works and how they can participate in the community at a range of levels, from the local to the global. The core activity of the campaign is an English Linking and Learning program named WiGo and is designed to teach the English language to participants on one hand and inform them about “what is going on” (WiGo) on the other hand. In United People we believe that solution lies in knowledge and solidarity which both are being pursued by our network throughout the world.
– Hands-on teaching throughout WiGo Program (an English Linking & Learning Program in advance level)

– Work with online teams such as Media, Fundraising, and Online Outreach; tailored to your studies

– Credits awarded if possible

– Learn about poverty, development, human rights, democracy and personal life skills

Your work as an intern will be divided between local and international tasks. Locals tasks are teaching English and organizing center’s activities. For your international tasks, you will be assigned teams, made up of volunteers in all centers throughout the world and work on administrative tasks. Areas assigned include Online Outreach, Media, and Fundraising. These teams can be tailored to suit your studies: for example, those studying Media can be assigned to our Media team, those studying teaching will not only teach locally but help maintain teaching standards in all centers through curriculum development and teacher training. We will work together with your university to award you credits for your internship towards your studies if this is possible.

This is a great opportunity to experience not only the hands-on, in-field side of development but also the overall management and running of a global campaign.

Our internship program follows our mission of educating the educated about poverty and global justice. Bringing university students to study in our headquarters for intensive learning experiences allows students to go beyond the superficial in learning about the realities of poverty and its solution. This is an opportunity to learn intimately about the international issues of education, human rights, abuse and gender inequality as well as personal life skills which can improve the quality of life. For bilingual applicants, there is a chance of employment after finishing the internship course if the intern complete his/her internship satisfactory.


Bachelor degree or above preferably in humanities

Fluent written and spoken English is required

Please notice that this is an unpaid position and intern are supposed to allocate about 120 USD to cover basic food and accommodation per week. Travel costs and living expenses must be borne by the interns themselves or by a sponsoring institution. Interns are responsible for making their own travel arrangements and for obtaining visas, although United People will help the applicants with supporting documents in this regard.

Based on the applicant’s academic background the internship course may last from two to four months. In exceptional cases, the internship can be extended to six months if necessary.

How to apply?

The application process is simple and easy. All you need is to send us your CV to

For the subject of your email please write “Internship application” so we can answer in proper time.

Important Note

Please do not send us your resume but CV (Curriculum vitae), so we can know you better. Introducing at least one referee at the end of your CV with their business email address is a must due to authentication.

If you are a humanity major student and planning to find a job related to your major after graduation, an internship at the United People could be the ideal start for you. The objective of our internship program is to give you an opportunity to start a profession in a possible and desirable geographical area of your choice.


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