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Housekeeper willing to work a few times per week in luxury properties

Date Posted: 27-Feb-2018
Closing Date: 04-Apr-2018
Location: London
Salary: Minimum - £50.00, Maximum - £75.00 per Day
Lavanda is a UK “proptech” startup shaping the future of property rental by putting the sharing economy at its heart. By wrapping residential homes in our hospitality experience and offering it them as short or mid-term rental, we boost their desirability and maximise occupancy throughout the year.
Housekeeper role:

We are a company called Lavanda: we manage more than 300 properties and London, where guests from all over the world come and stay for a few days.

We provide housekeeping services to every guests, and our London team has now 14 housekeepers. But we are growing so fast and we need more great housekeepers!


- Properties that are 2.5 hours clean or less - are paid £25

- Properties that are more than 2.5 hours clean - are paid £35

You'll clean 2 properties minimum every day. So the minimum per day you will earn is £50, and it can go up to £75!

The schedule is very flexible. You tell us in advance what days you are free to work, and we will try to give you work on those days. Like this, you can still work at other places at the same time!

You will have 2-3 days of training ( for which you will be paid) before to starting the cleans on your own. You'll be told everything about Lavanda's Quality Standards, and we will provide all the cleaning products!

This position involves commuting around London during the day (to go to the different properties!). You should occasionally be available to work on the week-ends as well, have a good level of English, and own a smartphone!

Several years of Housekeeping experience

Competitive pay
Products provided
Flexible schedule
Great company culture

You choose! per week

You choose! per annum


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