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Personal Assistent

Date Posted: 07-Jan-2018
Closing Date: 05-Feb-2018
Location: Eynsford and Bromley, Kent
Salary: Minimum - £9.00, Maximum - £9.00 per Hour
OTE: £ N/a
I am just an Indervidual who is disabled and is looking to recruit a team of people. To provide daily care and support .
I am a young, outgoing lady who suffers with Hydrocephalus and mild Epilepsy, with a lot of determination and drive and I do not let anything hold me back.
I am seeking the support of a Personal Assistant to help me with essential tasks to enable me to live an independent lifestyle helping me to manage the daily challenges of daily living with Hydrocephalus. This limits the sensation on my left side and poor dexterity, in addition to this my feet turn outwards causing an unbalanced walking gait and poor balance and co-ordination, therefore I require daily support to help me complete basic daily living tasks, as I am going through the transition of independent living and would need this support as an enabler to my independent lifestyle and therefore the support I require. I would like to have an effective working relationship to support my independence both in and outside of my home environment, as I have a very busy lifestyle with my work commitments and social activities. Therefore by supporting and understanding my needs this would enhance all aspects of my lifestyle and achievements.

Main duties
These are formed of three core areas and these duties may vary from day to day.
Personal duties:
• Getting in and out of the bath/shower safely – This is due to reduced mobility, balance and co-ordination in a damp surface environment.
• Putting mats down, getting the right temperature in the bath – This is due to reduced mobility, balance and co-ordination in a damp surface environment, as well as my inability to distinguish temperatures due to numb left side.
• Drying – This is due to poor mobility and sensation.
• Applying cream that helps with muscles - This is due to the pain I get in my back, ankles, legs and joints and assistance in applying the cream would be required.
• First aid.
• Cleaning any hazardous areas.
• Making up bedding.
• Changing bedding as and when required.

Domestic duties
• Housekeeping and daily living support – all aspects of housekeeping are required as part of the role due to my limited mobility.
• This includes the following elements: -
• All aspects of cleaning
• Folding and hanging clothes
• Washing/drying and ironing clothes
• Carrying laundry
• Putting rubbish out and bagging it
• Vacuuming
• General tidying, keeping surfaces clean, clutter and slip free, as well as providing support with more challenging task such as changing light bulbs, putting groceries away, lifting and carrying supportive equipment giving me a safe home living environment. These duties can be discussed in more detail and mutually agreed with the suitable candidate.

• Food Preparation and Cooking
This includes all elements of food preparation to prepare a healthy meal:-
• Chopping food.
• Moving and handling hot cookery equipment, such as dishes etc.
• Using kitchen related appliances.
• Serving food.
• Cleaning and safely storing cookery equipment.
• Ensuring the kitchen is safe to use before and after food preparation.

Social Duties:
Accompanying on daily journeys is required to help me with daily living tasks and support me with my mobility, welfare and safety both within and outside my home environment in the following areas:-
Negotiating uneven surfaces – Support is needed due to reduced mobility, balance and coordination and alongside limited sensation on my left and how this affects me, therefore guidance with mobility is needed when moving on different terrain to minimise the risk of stumbles and falls.
Climbing Stairs – This is due to reduced mobility, balance, co-ordination and limited sensation on my left and how this affects me. Therefore I would need to be supported when encountering steps in my daily travels to maximise my safety.
Familiarising Of Areas – This is support I would require daily when traveling, as if it is a regular area I visit I may not always remember direction and will need guidance to ensure I get to the correct destination and to provide safety, direction and reassurance.

Filling In Forms And Organising Documentation Received – Support would be required due to my limitations with clear handwriting due to poor dexterity. Therefore part of the duties to this role would be to help me with any daily writing tasks or form filling, as well as helping me store this information away safely and in an easy and simplistic manner.
Breaking Down And Understanding Content Of Letters - Support would be needed to aid me in processing and understanding in order for me to understand the information and its context, therefore when reading letters I would need the support to ensure I fully understand what is required with my daily correspondents I receive.
Attending Appointments & Remembering Information Told In Appointments And With Daily Tasks And Medication
Support would be required when attending any appointments to support me with my mobility and enable me to get to my appointments safely and help me remember important information given at appointments, as well as reminding me of important daily information and ensuring medication is consumed by reminding me and being present for medication to be consumed twice daily.
Hours of work
Mornings between 6am and 10am for 2 hours.
Afternoons / Evenings between 2pm and 7pm for 2 hours.
This is based on a 7 day week doing no more than 4 hours a day.

• GCSE English and Maths.
• Experience not essential. However applicants must have knowledge of working with disabled people.
Skills and Qualities
• Ability to speak and understand English fluently.
• Effective communication skills.
• Efficient team operating skills.
• Ability to work on own initiative
• Be discreet and work confidentially.

• Knowledge of physically impairing disabilities and the effects this can have on individuals .

Personal attributes
• Flexible approach to work.
• Punctual.
• Reliable and committed
• Patient approach when managing tasks.
• Understanding of the individual’s needs.
• Approachable and Friendly.
• Can see tasks through to completion.
• Have a good sense of humour
• Provides care and due diligence in the tasks they conduct within their role

• Has a strong passion and genuine interest in the caring role.
Suitability requirements
• Clean DBS Check

4 to 28 per week

5.6 weeks per annum


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