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Brand Agents required for immediate start

Date Posted: 30-Sep-2017
Closing Date: 30-Sep-2018
Location: The whole of Europe, London
Salary: Minimum - £500.00, Maximum - £2,000.00 per Month
OTE: £ 1450
Mazaal is a human food commodities company. We are based in Ukraine, Kiev but looking for Brand Agents throughout the European Union. We grow our own produce, we ship our own produce and we do the business for our own produce placements... This means there are now agencies to bump up our prices which in turn means we can provide the best quality produce at the cheapest rates possible! Mazaal is the future!
We will educate you in the food retail market using a Product Study Forms.


You will learn about the top largest retailers in your country, you will visit their store locations for each retailer, you will go into their sections where they sell similar products to ours, you will then take photos of the prices and sizes of the packaging including the brand names they stock.

We will guide you to search for investors or brand partners who will become our franchises in your country.


Running ads in your country eg. investor wanted or companies in the food business, looking for opportunities in the food industry to grow / increase their business. This is done by:

Running ads in your country (classified / social media etc.)
Start researching online or start with your personal network (family and / or friends) for investment, search for companies online in your country, make phone calls, make appointments, visit them then get them on board with Mazaal.

Your objects are simple:
1. Field study to learn the products currently being sold in your countries biggest supermarkets
2. Setup meetings with the supermarkets to show our product range
3. Close the deal
4. You get paid

No experience is need although it would be a bonus for you

We will train you where needed to make sure you can accel in this field of work.

This is all about putting extra capital in your pocket that’s wanted to make your life better, easier and more enjoyable.

Being a part time agent requires that you are willing to go that extra mile in your daily routine. Most of all You will be required to listen and act accordingly, furthermore do your due diligence where required, follow through with what you say and to meet deadlines when needed. Consequently will be required to act professional and be well-presented in all correspondence with your clients and with Mazaal.

3 year contract with Mazaal.
1% commision on the spot of total amount when closing the deal (7k to 30k depending on the deal)

€500 per month for 3 years (no commissions).

There is potential of full time employment with Mazaal as head salesman for the region when you perform well.

If you become 1 of the top 5 salespersons in Europe, you will receive a family package for traveling of €5000

Part Time

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