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Insurance Advisor

Date Posted: 30-Mar-2017
Closing Date: 30-Mar-2018
Location: Parkstone, Dorset
Salary: Minimum - £17,000.00, Maximum - £17,000.00 per Annum
OTE: £ 25000
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Team Member – Poole
£17,000 - £20,000 DOE

Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm
Saturday – 8am – 12pm


• Through the provision of first class, professional and diligent client care to sell and administer insurance policies offered by the Company.

Responsible to:

• Reporting to your Branch Manager, you are responsible to the Company, your colleagues, insurers and our clients

Skills Required:

• The ability to communicate clearly, positively and effectively both orally and in writing

• To display a positive and enthusiastic work ethic and style

• To build and develop long-term client relationships

• The ability to work effectively and in an organised manner both independently or co-operatively as part of a team

• The ability to listen to clients and identify their needs

• Reporting to your Branch Manager, you are responsible to the Company, your colleagues, insurers and our clients

Principal Duties:

• To sell and administer insurance products appropriate for our client’s needs with due care and consideration

• To assist your Branch Manager in meeting, and wherever possible, exceeding Branch objectives

• To exceed client expectations in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness through the diligent and professional conduct of your duties.

• To act in such a way as to encourage a working environment free from harassment, bullying and discrimination

• To ensure that the requirements of our clients are at least always met, and to look for opportunities to exceed expectation

• To embrace and follow all internal procedures on the conduct of our business including complaints and problems

• To take responsibility for your own personal development in terms of enhancing your knowledge and understanding of the products we offer and in developing your career within the Company

• To assist in the smooth and efficient day-to-day running of the office

• To share ideas and information with your Branch Manager

• To act as an ambassador for A-Plan at all times through first class personal presentation and conduct

• To be professional in your relationships with insurers, ensuring we provide a friendly, quality and effective service to them

• To always comply with branch procedures

Competency & Knowledge Checklist for Team Members


Client Focus • Anticipate needs & requirements of clients, underwriters, & colleagues
• Builds sound relationships (by “making friends”, building rapport etc) – looking at the long-term.
• Delights clients by exceeding expectations on all fronts.
• Acts with integrity and for the good of the client.
Communicating with Others • Able to pick out important information in all communications.
• Actively listens – identifies needs
• Builds and develops long-term client relationships.
• Writes clearly, logically & unambiguously.
Delivering Results • Focuses on what needs to be done and do it – positive & enthusiastic work ethic.
• Manages own time & prioritise effectively.
• Handles high pressure situations well.
• Consistently delivers top quality service – passion for getting it right – same high quality at the end of each day as at the beginning.
Supporting the team • Supportive of the team as a whole and individually - helps others (giving constructive, balanced feedback).
• Willing to step in and; where appropriate, suggest ways forward.
Initiative & Innovation • Self-starter: takes the initiative – likes challenges
• Has a questioning stance – wants to know ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’.
• Thinks ‘outside the box’: there is almost always another way – highly motivated to seek answer.
• Shares insights with others & initiates action.
• Always able to find a solution to a problem (with others’ help if necessary).
Leadership • Leads consistently by example & persuasion: develops a loyal following.
• Motivates, mentors and inspires (influences) others to achieve Branch and Personal objectives.
• Provides clear sense of direction.
• Able to vary leadership style as occasion demands.
• Unafraid to question ‘standard’ practices (assertive).
Planning and Organising • Anticipates & prepares in advance for likely problems/opportunities.
• Identifies future opportunities & issues & takes appropriate action to attain desired results (market awareness).
• Draws up and follows a systematic course of action (adapting it as appropriate) with appropriate level of energy.
Sales • “Makes friends” of all clients
• Develops good relationships - shows interest
• Meeting wants and needs – and reviews own performance
• Effectively closes the sale: establishing and meeting objections
• Cross sells and offers policy enhancements
• Excellent product knowledge
• Shows awareness of other opportunities to assist the client
Self Development • Is always eager to learn new things & new ways of doing things.
• A very positive ‘Can-Do’ approach
• Regularly reviews own learning in light of experience.
• Possesses necessary skills & knowledge to do the job and keeps up to date.
• Seeks feedback on performance to improve own competence.
Teamwork • Understands & accepts own role as member of Branch team.
• Works with others to achieve Branch objectives.
• Is willing to subordinate own wishes for good of the Branch.
• Encourages others when morale may not be as high as would wish.

Technical – insurance policy cover and administration • Motor
• Household
• Commercial Vehicle
• Motor cycle
• Legal
Legal, Industry and FSA Requirements • Terms of Business
• Compliant Sales Cycle
• Treating Clients’ Fairly (TCF)
• Data Protection
• Money Laundering
• Rehabilitation of Offenders Act
• Bribery Act Compliance
Market and Industry Knowledge • Insurers
• Insurer facilities
• Competitors
Branch Systems and Procedures • Computer systems
• Scanning
Housekeeping • Personal appearance
• Awareness at work

40 per week


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