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Data Categorisation

Clickworker Date Posted: 06-Mar-2018
Closing date: 06-Mar-2019
Location: County Durham
Salary: £6.00-£8.00 per Hour

Online Data Evaluation and Categorization The Work Evaluate, analyze and categorize website content, search queries, images or documents. Task examples are: Evaluate how properly a search engine result matches a given search query. Look at two landing pages and decide, which one offers better information for a user. Or check given websites to see if they contain adult content or not. Requi...
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We hire 7000 drivers in UK - earn with your car or moped

A-group, Ltd. Date Posted: 06-Feb-2018
Closing date: 30-Apr-2018
Location: County Durham
Salary: N/A per Month is a Uber -like transportation company for parcels/letters, we start operating in UK in April-May 2018. We hire 7000 drivers EVERYWHERE in UK, in any town. Drivers get salary paid every day. Signup today to be first in line in your area and you will get gigs before others who signed up later. The early-signup ends Apr 30. 2018. Please no email/telephone enquiries at the time, you on...
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Address Research and Data Collection

Clickworker Date Posted: 21-Jan-2016
Closing date: 12-Apr-2019
Location: County Durham
Salary: £6.00-£8.00 per Hour

Address Research / Data collection The work We are looking for freelancers (Clickworkers) that enjoy doing research for information on the Web, like e.g. addresses or opening hours of restaurants, etc. What is required is a computer with an Internet connection. Working hours, workplace and workload can be chosen freely. Required skills Good knowledge of the Internet as well as being in c...
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