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For, we must celebrate art in our lives and revel in living traditions… A first in India, and founded by a group of professionals with a passion in the world of arts, Art Culture Festival as a platform promotes creativity and forms of art through its online and offline spaces. Online, our website lists events, installations, artists and gallery spaces; reviews the performances and exhibitions — be it art, dance or music; publishes interviews with the artists and performing arts experts; puts up blogs on trends around us and other topics that appeal to a creative mind. Offline, we curate events, organise talks, conduct workshops and exhibitions, plan residencies and organised art tours. We also undertake social media assignments and push events through our extremely popular social media handles. Read our packages to know, how connecting with us would prove beneficial to your business. Our team comprises journalists with a minimum of 10 years of experience in writing of art and lifestyle. Their perspective lends integrity to the covering of events and reflects maturity of understanding the different genres. Promoted by Good Cause, an NGO that believes in nurturing inherent skills within an individual, we at ACF work closely to promote the talent that may otherwise get lost for the want of funds or platform. Like Good Cause, ACF firmly believes in bringing out and showcasing this natural talent by providing that push which comes with the right exposure so creative minds connect, engage in a dialogue and flourish. More about Good Cause At Good Cause, a not-for-profit organisation, we have consciously chosen to work closely with emerging and hidden talent in the fields of art, culture and craft. These include artists/artistes from smaller places who remain anonymous due to their lack of exposure and connect. At Good Cause, we handhold them and nurture them till they are confident of expanding their horizons. We organise group shows, assist participation in global arena and provide them access to promoters and gallerists, other than actively promoting them on digital media. We also organise workshops where creative minds engage in a meaningful dialogue and exchange ideas and absorb different perspectives. We believe in creating a happy and creative space, where forms that face the threat of going extinct, find their space and flourish. Our experience tells us that a small push goes a long way. Currently, Good Cause is a team of 12 people. More members get added to the team during festivals and special promotions.

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