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Everyday are award winners for our customer service! We are the most recent winner of the Best Customer Retention Performance at the Legal & General Business Quality Awards 2012. This award recognises the excellent level of customer Everyday provides all its customers which has always been at the heart of everything we do. Everyday was founded in 2008 by experienced insurance executives who created the company because they had a belief you could offer exceptional service at exceptional pricing. As the company was going through incorporation the country was going through the biggest upheaval since the 1960s, we were in a recession and everything was pointing towards the country being in a depression. Most people would assume this would be the worst time to create a new company, Everyday were not concerned however as we knew the company values and ethos would demonstrate how you could provide a cost effective and superior level of customer service that no other company would provide. Everyday was set up to help people lower their monthly outgoings. Everyday upholds the highest ethical practices with its integrity, having gained a respected and sought after reputation in a short period of time with some of the countryâs most respected financial institutions. Everyday tries to offer what no other can, it fights to get the most competitive prices for its customers. Rather than loading the premiums or charging broker fees, Everyday works on the minimal amounts available to ensure our customers receive maximum benefit. Everyday wanted to continue to work with a provider who would offer branded high value products. Everyday wanted to create a service to help within such a hard economic downturn by reducing what people were paying out and making life a little easier. Everyday prides itself on providing a one to one service to its customers to help take the jargon and sales patter out of insurance for them, and insure the cover is tailored to the their needs. The first provider Everyday chose to work with was Halifax because they looked to benefit their clients with competitive pricing. Combining this with the exceptional service and personal touch Everyday offered customers, such as our personal case handlers on hand for any needs the customer may have, was extremely successful. Everydayâs reputation went from strength to strength with the success of the home insurance division. Everyday looked at ways in which we could strengthen our bond with our customers and offer more diverse products. Everyday wanted to work with a provider who would offer branded high value products. Everyday considered, not only the products and pricing offered but also, the reputation within the market place and the reliability of insurersâ claimsâ procedures. Everyday chose to work with the company that shared the same values and ethos as Everyday Financial Solutions and were leaders within their industry and therefore we were pleased to become business partners with Legal and General. Our partnership is proving very successful and customer feedback is has been very positive. So successful that in April 2012, Everyday was delighted to announce that we would be working with Legal & General for all our protection products. Following the strength of our relationship and our belief in how they can benefit our customers, all Everydayâs policies are provided by Legal & General for home, life and lifestyle cover. Everyday have been leading the industry and meeting our customersâ needs. We are always looking into how we can add further products that will benefit our customers in as many ways as possible

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