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Investment Sales

EFS Date Posted: 14-Aug-2016
Closing date: 30-Sep-2017
Location: London
Salary: N/A per Pro Rata
OTE: £ 50000

EFS is seeking to 'appoint' sales individuals in a number of international locations. The product is an Investment Bond whereby some 7000 worldwide funds can be accessed. The compensation for yourself is very interesting being not less than 5% of the Investment placed. Hence a 30,000 dollar bond sale would give you 1,500 dollar commission. If you do this part time it would be envisaged that y...
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Recruitment assistants

EFS Date Posted: 13-Aug-2016
Closing date: 31-Dec-2017
Location: London
Salary: N/A per Pro Rata
OTE: £ 36000

EFS is seeking to appoint a number of wealth managers (WMs) for Russia, Eastern Europe and the Far East, Africa and Latin America. If you are a student or a post graduate and have some spare time, prior to finding suitable salaried employment, then you might be interested in helping EFS to locate suitable candidates. The level of compensation can be quite exciting insofar as you would, as an E...
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