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Interested in journalism and news reporting? Report news, gain experience, and earn money. Blasting News offers good writers experience, an opportunity to build a portfolio and get paid. In a nutshell, Blasting News is a citizen journalism platform. It is a fully independent magazine based on the principles of social journalism and is powered by the voices of thousands of people, called Blasters. Every contributor is paid for the content that he publishes. We publish content from citizen journalists and already have students from around the country and the world writing for us and getting paid to do so. Senior Blasting News contributors give feedback on how to improve articles and we also teach our contributors how to use digital media. Currently read by 3 million people each month (excluding Italy where it was launched), Blasting News offers a space to publish and discuss news and opinions to a fast growing community of more than 258.000 Blasters. Blasting News has a presence in 33 countries. Blasting News UK is one of them. (

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