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Asia Pacific Investment House (APIH) is a leading Venture Capital and Private Equity company, registered in the off-shore regime of the British Virgin Islands, with its Operating HQ in Singapore's financial district. With a substantial and diverse global client base APIH provides funding across a wide range of sectors including though not limited to; Renewable Energy, Construction, Tourism and Leisure, Airlines, Infrastructure Development and Manufacturing. Through its team of highly skilled and experienced Industry Experts, APIH strives to anticipate and react to the rapidly changing needs of both the industry and its clients. Indeed, in direct response to market forces and its investors, APIH made the decision to form an additional, specialized team focusing solely on funding concept mixed-use luxury resort and real estate infrastructure developments seeing the potential in the luxury tourism market. Having aligned itself with some of the most prestigious financial institutions, APIH has forged strategic alliances with major banks, institutions and hedge funds and invests both directly and indirectly through feeder funds. APIH offers Project Funding, Turnkey Consultancy Services and Project Investment Opportunities and essentially brings people, capital and project ideas together. Under its careful management and through strictly controlled procedures, APIH lays the vital foundations necessary to commence a successful capital raising process.

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