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Use Your Network of Contacts to Job hunt


The key to successful job hunting is using several different job search approaches in your personal strategy to finding a job. First you need to determine the type of job you are looking for let your contacts know.

Chances of you hearing about an opening through your contacts are increased if they know you are looking for, some of your contacts with keep an eye out for you and know what is happening on the grapevine providing you with the opportunity on occasion to hear about an opening before it is generally advertised and get a step ahead.

Make sure you use all of your contact to network:

Business Contacts
– look through your business cards, e-mail addresses and professional groups like LinkedIn to see if you can identify anyone who may be able to help you or suggest a contact to you.

Social Contacts
– Speak to you circle of friends and family, ask if they know people that you can speak to or are looking to hire. Also think about your social circle, if you attend sporting events, evening classes or clubs then try to use these too for networking and seeking out opportunities.

Social Networks
– Like speaking to your social contacts, reach out to your contact via social media as you’ll have a number of people in your friends list or who follow you that are can direct message or share posts with who might be able to help. Also if you a member of any social network groups or discussion then post to these, mentioning key information about the job you are looking for and how they can contact, there is always the possible that someone else who’s a member is looking to recruit.

Remember everyone may be a lead, so the more people you communicate with the higher your chances of find a job are.



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