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Timesheet Completion and Submission

The following information explains what is needed to be completed on a Field Recruitment timesheet, submission procedure and deadlines.

 Important information that needs to be completed on Field Recruitment Timesheet

  1. Address:  Who you are working for, you will need to fill in company name and address.(This must be filled in)
  2. Week ending and start date:  This is the current week you have worked.(This must be filled in)
  3. Temp/Contractor:  Insert  your Name.(This must be filled in)
  4. Job Description:  You Job title (This can be found on your assignment detail) .(This must be filled in)
  5. Reference:  Your Employee number (This can be found on you Payslip or on the terms of engagement).(This must be filled in)
  6. Summary of hours worked:   You need to fill in date, start time, finished time, total number of breaks. You must also fill in Hours work excluding the breaks that you have had, you must also fill in the total amount of hours work (6a).(This must be filled in)
  7. Signature:  This need to be signed and date and printed name by you line manager. (This must be filled in)

If this is not filled in correctly the timesheet will not be accepted and email to your line manager and yourself to re-do.


Time Sheet Deadlines

Timesheets must be email, faxed or posted to us by 11.00am on Monday following the weekending date.

Any timesheet being posted please allow 3-4 day for the post when sending them, to ensure they reach us by on a Monday.

E-mailed Timesheets must come directly from your managers email

Faxed or Post must be signed by your manager


Failure to submit a fully completed timesheet by the deadline may result in a delayed payment.


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