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How Our Skills Testing Works


All tests are taken and administered via a secure online website in which each test user would have a unique session ID to login with -

Once the test user has logged on, the site will be prepopulated with the pre-ordered tests; the tests will begin once the user has clicked begin.

All results are then sent back to Field Recruitment head office for our test administrators to correlate the results into a readable report; they are then sent back to the client/test orderer.

The test report will include a variety of data sets to allow you to pin point exact areas of strengths and weaknesses.

The data sets are the same for all tests and include-

Report Data Sets-

  • Questions Correct- A simple X out of X reporting formula.
  • Percentage Correct- Above score put into a % score.
  • Global Average- Compare the test user against the global average of the chosen assessment.
  • Detail Score Report- View each question topic and type, whether or not the user answered correctly and how long it took to answer that question.
  • Question Level Stat’s- Shows how many questions were answered correctly within each of the beginner, Intermediate and advanced levels.
  • Question Type Stat’s- Shows how many questions were answered correctly within each test topic. For example1: the excel test covers Formatting, Formulas, Functions and Application basics.

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced-

All tests are split into beginner, Intermediate and advanced sections; providing a basis for separating candidates who have limited exposure from those who are conversant with in a specific topic.

The flow chart below allows you to see the simple process of ordering and taking a test.


skills testing workflow 





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