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Using Employment Agencies for Job Hunting


Employment agencies such as Field Recruitment find positions for people who are looking for work and find/source candidates for companies looking to recruit based on specific needs.


There are different categoris of recruitment agencies, all of which work effectively in their field.  Agencies can be categories into:


General Agencies - These are non-specialist recruitment agencies and recruit across a wide range on sectors including commercial, industrial, accounts, legal, HR, engineering, sales and management.


Specialist Agencies - These are agencies that dedicate themselves to a specific industry such as IT, accountancy, HR, supply chain, legal and financial services


Executive Search - These are companies which head hunt for specific roles usually with salaries above £50,000 and most of the candidates are head hunted.  Some executive search agencies will also advertise in broadsheet newspapers to try and attract candidates.


How to build a relationship with an agency

  • Contact the agency by phone or in person and ask to speak to the recruitment consultant, get their e-mail address and then send them your CV
  • Ask to book an appointment with them to register
  • Treat the agency as an employer, contact them if you can't make a pre-booked appointment and return their calls
  • Keep checking with the agency's website and if there are any positions you believe your suitable for call and speak to the relevant consultant



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