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Using Mass Mailing for Job Hunting


The key to successful job hunting is using several different job search approaches in your personal strategy to finding a job. Mass mailing has been the method most job seekers have historically used.  However with the increase in job search engines, networking sites and other internet based services this approach has sharply declined in recent years.  If you are still looking to send out mass mails then the key to success involves researching the organisations that are of interest to you and identify the types of job opening which might be available.

Using business networking sites like LinkedIn and search engines such as Google to find new companies can help you gain more opportunities.  Research the potential employers that interest you and obtain details for individual's within the business so you can be more precise with your mailing.

The best method to use is to send a letter of enquiry without your CV and ask for information, job descriptions and application process procedures addressed to the contact you have identified or made from networking sites.  If you are sure that you have identified an existing job opening then forward a covering letter / cover e-mail and a CV stating your key skills that would be suitable based on the requirements in the job description.

Finally, remember to plan to follow-up your mailing with a phone call



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