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Guide to Writing a Good CV


Many people recommend that your CV should be only two pages long but you need to ensure that it contains enough relevant information about your previous roles and skills for the job vacancy your applying for, so don't worry if it is 3 - 4 pages in lenght.


Some companies and recruitment agencies often use software to screen and search candidate CV's using keywords, so that more often a keyword is used in your CV the higher the score will.  However the danger of doing this is that your CV can end-up being extremely long, not human-readable and is only suitable for applying for roles where screening software is being used for candidate selection.

How to get your CV to the top of the pile
It might sound like common sense to tailor your CV to best meet the critieria of the specific job, however you'll be surprise how often people just use a generic CV.

Always read the job description for the role you are applying for, your CV needs to match their criteria.  If an emplooyer is specifying any particular skills that they require, ensure that your CV shows that you have them and any experience you have try to identify how this can be applied to the role your applying for.  By closely matching your skills and experienceyou are showing the employer that you are a perfect candidate for the role.

First Impressions Count!

  • Remember your CV provides your potential employer with their first impression of you.
  • Don't use a mixture of different fonts, as this will make your CV look disorganised
  • Keep your CV clear and to the point.  you want to show you possess the required skills but you must still keep the detail relevant
  • You do not need to include in-depth personal details like driving licences number, bank details, etc... 

CV Format

Below is a suggested layout for your CV

Personal Details - Your name should always be in bold at the top of the page.  Ensure you also include your address, telephone number and email address.

Point of Interest - Bullet point your key slills and attributes.  This provides an excellent opportunity to grad the reviewer's attention by tailoring your CV and highlighting the core skills suitaed to the job role.

Employment History - Start with your most recent employment and work backwards providing dates, job title, company name along with your duties/responsibilities and achievements for each role.

Education - List your qualifications and professional qualifications in a similar way to your work history by including dates, name of establishment and qualications achieved.

Skills - this includes software packages which you are competent in using and foreign languages.





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