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Industrial On-line Skills Tests


Field Recruitment provides an extensive range of on-line proficiency tests including CAD software, QA, production, manufacturing, engineering and electrical skills in the industrial based job sector to assist business managers, recruiters and human resource professionals to meet their pre-employment testing requirements and assist in assessing current staff for on-going training needs.

These tests have been specifically designed to analyse if an individual possesses the appropriate skills, knowledge and expertise. The results of the test(s) can be used as a general indicator of the candidate's ability to work in an industrial environment or industrial related job role.

As well as catering for the needs of UK businesses, Field Recruitment also provide a selection of online skills tests for specific countries or languages.

We currently provide online industrial related skills tests in the following areas:

Assembly and Matching
AutoCAD 2004
AutoCAD 2006
AutoCAD 2007
AutoCAD 2009
AutoCAD 2010
Basic Arithmetic
Basic CNC
Basic Electronics
Basic Industrial Math
Basic Industrial Skills
Basic Injection Molding Skills
Basic Reading Comprehension - Light Industrial
Basic Ruler Reading
Basic Warehouse Knowledge
Blueprint Basics
Blueprint Reading
Class [A] Automotive Mechanics
Class [B] Automotive Mechanics
Class [C] Automotive Mechanics
Colour Identification
Electrical Engineering: Electronics and Communications
Electrical Engineering: Power and Control
Electronic Schematics
English Ruler Reading
Entry Level Industrial Skills
Finish Carpentry
Flooring Skills
Food Production
Forklift Operation
Information System (WHMIS)
General Maintenance
Hazardous Material Handling
Home Inspection Skills
Lathe Operator
Manufacturing Basics
Map Reading Skills
Matching - Alphanumeric
Matching - Digit Numeric
Matching - Images
Matching - Industrial Images
Matching - Numeric
Math and Reasoning Skills
Mechanical Engineering: Machine and Tool Design
Mechanical Engineering: Thermodynamics Fundamentals
Mechanical Reasoning
Metalworking Skills
Metric Ruler Reading
Micrometres and Callipers
Milling Machine
Plastic Fabrication Skills
PLC Programming
Plumbing Quality

Press Brake Operation
Product Packaging Skills
Quality Assurance Inspection
Resistor Colour Code
Rough Carpentry
Safety in the Workplace
Shipping and Receiving Clerk Skills
Shop Math
SolidWorks 2006
Spatial Reasoning
Tools and Fasteners
U.K. Arithmetic
U.K. Basic Arithmetic
U.K. Basic Industrial Skills
U.K. Entry Level Industrial Skills
U.K. Matching - Alphanumeric
U.K. Matching - Digit Numeric
U.K. Matching - Images
U.K. Matching - Numeric
Unit Conversion
Warehouse Safety and Inventory Management
Weights and Measures [Standard and Metric]
Wholesale Distribution Knowledge
Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

Australia & New Zealand
AUS-NZ Basic Arithmetic
AUS-NZ Basic Industrial Skills
AUS-NZ Entry Level Industrial Skills

Canadian Pick/Pack
French Canadian Assembly and Matching
French Canadian Basic Industrial Math
French Canadian Basic Industrial Skills
French Canadian Pick/Pack
French Canadian Workplace Hazardous Materials

Spanish Arithmetic
Spanish Assembly and Matching
Spanish Basic Arithmetic
Spanish Basic Industrial Math
Spanish Basic Industrial Skills
Spanish Basic Warehouse Knowledge
Spanish Blueprint Basics
Spanish Counting
Spanish Entry Level Industrial Skills
Spanish Finish Carpentry
Spanish Forklift Operation
Spanish Math and Reasoning Skills
Spanish Mechanical Reasoning
Spanish OSHA
Spanish Pick/Pack
Spanish Rough Carpentry
Spanish Safety in the Workplace
Spanish Shipping and Receiving Clerk Skills

If you require a demonstration of a specific online test, wish to discuss your testing requirements or can’t find the industrial related test your looking for; please call us on 01793 640204 or use our contact us form.



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