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Financial Software Skills Testing


Field Recruitment provides a range of comprehensive on-line skills testing tools for financial software titles and specific knowledge requirements like auditing, budgeting and payroll administration. These online tests have been developed to help business managers, recruiters and human resource professionals to cover your pre-employment testing needs or assist you in assessing current staff for on-going training development. These tests have been specifically designed to analyse if an individual (potential candidate or current employee) possesses the skills and knowledge in using the relevant financial software titles and practices.

As well as catering for the needs of UK businesses with a range of financial software title tests, Field Recruitment also provide a selection of online skills tests for specific countries or languages.

We currently provide online accounting skills tests for the following software titles:


Bank Teller Skills
Basic Bank Teller Skills
Budget Aide Skills
Budget Officer Skills
BusinessObjects 5 – Client
Casualty Insurance - Automobile
Commercial Banking Knowledge
Commercial Collections
Commercial Insurance Knowledge
Credit Analyst
Credit Management
Customer Service Mindset Survey
Data Entry 10 Key [Hardcopy]
Data Entry 10 Key [Onscreen]
Data Entry 10 Key Quick Test [Hardcopy]
Data Entry 10 Key Quick Test [Onscreen]
Data Entry 10 Key With Decimals [Hardcopy]
Data Entry 10 Key With Decimals [Onscreen]
Data Entry Alpha Numeric [Hardcopy]
Data Entry Alpha Numeric [Onscreen]
Data Entry Check Number Database [Hardcopy]
Data Entry Check Number Database [Onscreen]
Data Entry Inventory Database [Hardcopy]
Data Entry Inventory Database [Onscreen]
Financial Analysis
Financial Management
Financial Math
Financial Spelling
Great Plains

International Financial Reporting Standards
Investment Management: US Equities and Equities Products
Loan Officer Skills
Loan Processing
Loan Underwriting Knowledge
PeopleSoft Financials
Property Insurance
Property Management
Purchasing Fundamentals
SAP for Users
Title Insurance Knowledge
U.K. Financial Analysis
U.K. Financial Maths
U.K. Payroll
U.K. Payroll Management
U.K. SAP for Users


AUS-NZ SAP for Users


Canadian Data Entry Alpha Numeric [Hardcopy]
Canadian Data Entry Alpha Numeric [Onscreen

New Zealand

NZ Payroll Management

We are continually adding new titles to our range of online tests, so if you can’t find the financial software test your looking for please call us on 01793 640204 or use our contact us form.



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