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On-line IT and Technology Skills Testing


Field Recruitment providea wide selection of on-line skills proficiency tests that cover various IT applications and tasks which are designed helpmanagers, recruiters and human resource professionals with their pre-employment applicant skills testing for help desk support, database administration (dba), computer networking and programming job roles.


These tests have been specifically designed toidentify if a job applicantpossessesthe correct level of skills, aptitude and knowledge to proficiently work within an companies IT or business support department.  

These online tests can also help assess the skill level of current employees and highlight any skill gaps and additional training needs.


We currently provide online skills tests for the following applications and areas:


.NET Framework 2.0
.NET Framework 3.0
.NET Framework 4.0
.NET Programming - ASP 2.0
.NET Programming - ASP 3.5
.NET Programming - ASP 4.0
.NET Programming - C# 2.0
.NET Programming - C# 3.0
.NET Programming - C# 4.0
ABAP/4 for SAP
ActionScript 3.0
Active Directory Domain Services
Active Server Pages
Adabas DBA
Adabas Natural
Adabas Programming
Adobe ColdFusion 8
Adobe ColdFusion 9
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5
AION Programming
Apache Web Server
AppleTalk Networks
AS/400 Operations
Assembler for IBM Mainframe
AUS-NZ Lotus Notes 5.0 for Developers
Basic Wireless Communication
BizTalk Server 2006
BizTalk Server 2010
Borland C++ Builder
BusinessObjects 5 - Designer
BusinessObjects XI Release 2
C Programming
C++ Programming
Cascading Style Sheets
Cascading Style Sheets 2.1
Cascading Style Sheets 3.1
Cascading Style Sheets 4.0
CGI Concepts
Cisco Networking
Cisco Router
Citrix for Client Server Applications
Citrix MetaFrame
Citrix WinFrame
COBOL for Year 2000 Programmers
Code Sample - ASP - File Operations
Code Sample - ASP.NET - Date/Time Operations
Code Sample - C Sharp - Date/Time Operations
Code Sample - C Sharp - File Operations
Code Sample - Java - Date/Time Operations
Code Sample - Java - File Operations
Code Sample - JavaScript - Date/Time Operations
Code Sample - JavaScript - File Operations
Code Sample - VB Script - Date/Time Operations
Code Sample - VB.NET - Date/Time Operations
Code Sample - Visual Basic - Date/Time Operations
Code Sample - Visual Basic - File Operations
Cold Fusion 4
Cold Fusion MX 6.1
Cold Fusion Scripting and Development
ColdFusion MX 7
COM/DCOM Development in Delphi
COM/DCOM Development in Visual Basic
Computer Technician Skills
Crystal Reports 11.0
Crystal Reports 7.0
Crystal Reports 8.0
Crystal Reports 8.5 for Developers
Data Architecture
Data Mining Concepts
Data Modeling Concepts
Data Warehousing Concepts
DB2 5.x DBA
DB2 Developer
DB2 v.8 Mainframe DBA
Delphi 3
Delphi 5
DOS 6.x
Dreamweaver 8
E Commerce Concepts: Deployment
EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
Enterprise JavaBeans [EJB]
Enterprise JavaBeans [EJB3]
Ethernet Networking
GroupWise 5.x
Gupta Centura
HTML 2.0/3.0
HTML 4.0
HTML 5.0
HTML Webmaster
IBM AIX 5.1 Administrator
Internet Security
Java EE 6
Java Entry Level
Java Hibernate 3.3
Java SE 6
Java SE 7
Java Server Pages
Java Servlets
Java Swing
LAN Concepts
Linux Administration
LoadRunner 9
Logical Reasoning - Deduction
Logical Reasoning - Mathematical
Lotus Domino 6 for Developers
Lotus Notes 4.0 for Developers
Lotus Notes 4.5 for Developers
Lotus Notes 5.0 for Developers
Lotus Notes Administration
Macintosh Technician OS 9
Macintosh Technician OS X
Macromedia Director MX 2004
Macromedia Flash 5
Macromedia Flash MX 2004
Macromedia Flash Professional 8
Microsoft Access 2000 for Developers
Microsoft Access 2002 for Developers
Microsoft Access 2003 for Developers
Microsoft Access 2007 for Developers
Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 Administration
Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Administration
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Administration
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Administration
Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5
Microsoft Internet Information Server [IIS] 4.0
Microsoft Internet Information Services [IIS] 7.0
Microsoft Office 2003 Help Desk
Microsoft Office 2007 Help Desk
Microsoft Office 2010 Help Desk
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
Microsoft Office XP Help Desk
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for Developers
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 for Administrators
Microsoft Site Server 3.0
Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0 [SMS]
Microsoft Transaction Server
Microsoft Visio 2002

Microsoft Visio 2003
Microsoft Visio 2007
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Microsoft Windows 2000 Data Center Administration
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Installation
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Administration
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Installation
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Installation Procedures
Microsoft Windows 2000 Technical Skills
Microsoft Windows 2003 Server Administration
Microsoft Windows 2003 Server Installation Procedures
Microsoft Windows 2008 Server Administration
Microsoft Windows 7 Technical Skills
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server Administration
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server Installation
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Workstation Installation
Microsoft Windows Programming
Microsoft Windows Vista Technical Skills
Microsoft Windows XP Technical Skills
Netscape Webserver
Network Administration
Network Security
Network Virtualization
Network-Attached Storage (NAS)
Novell Directory Services
Novell NetWare 3.12
Novell NetWare 4.x
Novell NetWare 5.x
Object Oriented Programming [OOP]
Object PAL 5.0
OLAP Concepts
Oracle 10g DBA
Oracle 10g for Developers
Oracle 11g Release 2 DBA
Oracle 11g Release 2 for Developers
Oracle 11i DBA
Oracle 7.3 DBA
Oracle 7.3 Developer
Oracle 8 DBA
Oracle 8 Developer
Oracle 8.i
Oracle 9i DBA
Oracle 9i for Developers
Oracle Applications DBA
Oracle Designer 2000
Oracle Developer 2000
Oracle E-Business Suite R12 - Technical
Oracle Essbase 11
Oracle Financials 11
Oracle Forms 10g
OS/2 for Administrators
OS/2 for Users
Paradox Application Language 4.0
PeopleCode 8.5
PeopleSoft 7 DBA
PeopleSoft 7 Developer
PeopleSoft 8 DBA
PeopleSoft 8 Developer
Peoplesoft 9 DBA
PeopleSoft 9 Developer
Perl 5
Perl 6
PHP 5.3
PowerBuilder 10
PowerBuilder 4.0
PowerBuilder 5.0
PowerBuilder 6.0
PowerBuilder 8.0
Programming Concepts
Project Management for IT Professionals
QuickTest Professional 9
Rational Rose
Relational Database Design [RDBMS]
Ruby 1.8
SAP Database
SAS 6 - IT Professional
SAS 8.2
SCO UNIX for Administrators
SCO UNIX for Users
Siebel 7
Solaris 10 Administrator
Spring Framework 2.5
SQA Robot
SQL Entry Level
SQL for Client-Server Applications
SQL for Desktop Applications
SQL Server 2000 DBA
SQL Server 2000 for Developers
SQL Server 2005 DBA
SQL Server 2005 for Developers
SQL Server 2008 DBA
SQL Server 2008 for Developers
SQL Server 2008 R2 Analysis Services
SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services
SQL Server 2012 for Developers
SQL Server 2012 Integration Services
SQL Server 6.5
SQL Server 6.5 Developer
SQL Server 7.0 DBA
SQL Server 7.0 Developer
SQL Server Integration Services
SQL Server Reporting Services
Storage Area Network (SAN)
Sybase 11
Sybase 12
Sybase DBA
Sybase Developer
Technical Support - IT/Network
Technical Support Processes
TestDirector 8.0
Transact SQL
U.K. Logical Reasoning - Deduction
U.K. Logical Reasoning - Mathematical
U.K. Lotus Notes 5.0 for Developers
UNIX Administrator
UNIX Programming
UNIX Shell Programming
UNIX Users
Visual Basic 4.0
Visual Basic 5.0
Visual Basic 6.0
Visual Basic 6.0 for Applications (VBA)
Visual Basic 9.0
Visual C++ 2010
Visual C++ 4.0
Visual C++ 6.0
Visual FoxPro 3.0
Visual FoxPro 6.0
Visual FoxPro 8.0
Visual Interdev 6.0
Visual J++ 1.1
Visual J++ 6.0
VMware ESX 4.1
VMware Workstation 7
WAN Architecture
Web Commerce Security
WebLogic Portal 7.0
WebLogic Server 7.0
WebSphere 4.0
WebSphere Application Server 7
WebSphere MQ V5
WinRunner 6.02
WinRunner 7.6
Wireless Networking
XWindow Systems

If you require a demonstration of a specific online test, wish to discuss your testing requirements or can’t find the on-linetest your looking for; please call us on 01793 640204 or use our contact us form.



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