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Employment Screening & Background Checks


Field Recruitment believes that it is critical to include risk management in to your recruitment process. With our comprehensive pre-employment screening service you are able to systematically check the vital personal and professional facts of any applicant, helping you to make an informed decision on whom to hire.

“A recent study by a leading background checking organisation found that one in 5 applicants have a major lie or discrepancy on their application.”

The benefits of implementing screening and background checking into your recruitment process are very significant and include but not limited to;

  • Fewer bad hires; Saves Time & money on training resources
  • Less fraudulent activity; Saves money and security resources
  • Reduction in employee turnover; Saves time & money within HR, Recruitment and Training
  • Safer Workplace; Minimal disruption and increases moral

We are able to reference between 1-5 years’ worth of employment or academic references and employment gaps of more than 2 months.

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